Luis Quesada Torres
Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, Software and Systems Engineer Contact via Updated November 3, 2019
SKILLS Team development: Experienced in team building, coaching, and career advice
Program management: Expert in planning, coordination, and execution
Facilitation: Seasoned technical trainer and skilled presenter
Systems: Expert in scalability and reliability of large-scale distributed systems
Programming: Procient in Go and Python; uent in Java, Bash scripting, and SQL
Languages: Speaks Spanish, English, German, Esperanto, and Swiss German
EXPERIENCE Google, Zürich, Switzerland
Machine Learning, Cloud, SRE: Engineering Manager→Engineering Manager II 2018–now
Rebuilt a team from four to nine members, grew it to fourteen, and trained a tech lead
Improved the eciency of articial intelligence accelerators by 40% across ten products
Led reliability eorts across a large developer organization
Datacenters, Compute, SRE: Tech Lead/Engineering Manager 2017–2018
Built a team with seven members, and trained a manager and two tech leads
Sped up a critical worldwide datacenter infrastructure project by one year
Published the chapter on managing overload in The Site Reliability Workbook
Published tech talks on the Paxos algorithm and the Google production environment
Storage, Apps, SRE: Intern→Software Engineer III→Senior Software Engineer→Tech Lead 2014–2017
Rebuilt a team from three to eight members and trained a tech lead
Decreased the cost of a storage service with +700M users by 75%
Pioneered the design and execution of time-sensitive production changes
Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain
Professor Trainee Department of Computer Science and Articial Intelligence 2010–2014
Researched and developed a model-based parser generator
Researched and developed markerless monocular 3-DOF motion tracking
Directed a Master Thesis on music prototyping languages, Best Thesis Award
EDUCATION Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain
MRes in Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems, GPA 9.3/10 2009–2010
BSc in Information Systems Engineering, GPA 8.7/10, First of Class 2009–2010
MSc in Computer Science, GPA 9.2/10, National Award, First of Class, Distinction 2007–2009
Researched and developed a Java code clone detector as Thesis, Best Thesis Award
BSc in Computer Systems Engineering, GPA 8.7/10, First of Class 2004–2007
INTERESTS Videogame development: Programmed demos in PHP, C, Java, GameMaker, and Go
Languages: Assembled a cross-language dictionary and wrote an extended US keymap
Music: Published musical compositions and recordings, plays guitar and piano, and sings
3D modeling: Published voxel-based 3D models and tools
Sport: Skateboarding, surf skating, bouldering, archery, and laser tag